Mirage 04


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Mirage 04
portrait generated by ai program and analogously revised
Giclée Art Print / Hahnemühle German Etching
Edition of 5

50×50 cm Paper Size

Tanja Hirschfeld’s art is an example of the potential that lies in the fusion of artificial intelligence and traditional painting techniques. Her latest series titled „Mirage“ showcases the beauty and complexity of the digital era by exploring the relationship between culture, identity, and the power of technology.
Hirschfeld’s characteristic style in her analog „CultureMix“ series is to merge various elements such as fashion, ethnic artifacts, and diverse cultural symbols in her portraits. A new series was created through the training of a GAN with this „CultureMix“ series, consisting of 50 oil paintings. Hirschfeld deliberately released her own oil paintings and exposed herself to the visualization of plagiarism. The result is a fascinating collection of portraits that reflect the diversity of our world and invite the viewer to question their own roots and visions.
What sets „Mirage“ apart from the previous series is the deliberate use of destructive solvents by the artist to distort and deform the digital paintings. The result is a blend of traditional and modern art, where colors merge and ink alters the image.
Hirschfeld’s art is a statement that urges us to be aware of the dangers of the digital era. She encourages us to pay attention to our surroundings and not let technology cloud our vision. She also emphasizes the importance of maintaining our focus on relevant issues and not getting involved in the race to create meaningless works with a few clicks. „As artists, we must continue to sharpen our eyes for important issues and not let technology triumph over us.“
In summary, Tanja Hirschfeld’s „Mirage“ series is a demonstration of the unlimited possibilities of art in the digital age. Her idea of ​​combining the power of artificial intelligence with traditional painting techniques is inspiring, and her message is a reminder to remain vigilant in the face of rapidly evolving technologies.