The German-Italian artist works intensively with masks and costumes from different cultures. Her research produced countless overlaps of otherwise disconnected elements of traditional clothing.

This led to the creation of a series that joins different world cultures in one human being. The exotic, the unfamiliar and the familiar are merged to evoke affinity and dialogue. Along the lines of „all equal“ – a relevant political and at the same time emotional topic.

It is important that the subject does not represent a flattened image or a parody of cultures but that it has a mystical and detached quality to induce the feeling of unease that we experience when facing the unknown.

Tanja Hirschfeld’s elaborate technique of layered glazes creates powerful oil paintings of feminine figures that embody both, strength and sensuality. She transforms her heroines into majestic creatures through the boldness of their almost armour-like costumes.

The works have been shown in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Los Angeles.

Born in Rome 1971, Tanja spent her childhood in between Italy and Germany. When she was 13 her family settled in Munich, Germany. At the age of 18 she started studying graphic design at the university of applied sciences in Munich. After graduating, she worked for many years as a commercial graphic designer and illustrator as well as developing her personal work.
Since 2014 she is working as an artist. She started to paint in oil in 2016.



November 2018 / Art Fair Hamburg Affordable / All You Can Art Gallery

November 2018 / Benjamin Eck Gallery / Munich

July 2018 / Weltraum Gallery / Munich

May 2018 / Art Fair ArtMuc / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

March 2018 / Art Fair Bruxelles Affordable /  All You Can Art Gallery

December 2017 / „Don’t wake Daddy“ / Feinkunst Krüger Gallery / Hamburg

November 2017 / Art Fair Hamburg Affordable /  Munique Art Gallery

September 2017 / „The Coaster Show“ /  La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

September 2017 / Beastiezstyle and Friends /  Farbenladen / Munich

November 2016 / Annual Exhibition / Kunst und Kulturverein / Hohenaschau

December 2016 / „Don’t wake Daddy“ / Feinkunst Krüger Gallery / Hamburg

October 2016 / Duo Show Drawings / Weltraum Gallery / Munich

September 2016 / „The Coaster Show“ /  La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

June 2016 / Solo Ex / „100 drawings“ charity exhibition / Frida Gallery / Munich

June 2016 / Group Ex / „Limbus“ / Fousion Gallery / Barcelona

May 2016 / Stroke Art Fair / Frida Gallery / Munich

March 2016 / Group Ex “Frida’s Wall of small Arts 2.0“ / Frida Gallery / Munich

February 2016 / Group Ex „Frida’s Wall of small Arts“ / Frida Gallery / Munich

November 2015 / Group Ex „Schwarz Weiss“ / Short Time Gallery / Munich

November 2015 / Group Ex „Yo no estoy sola“ / Frida Gallery / Munich

October 2015 / Stroke Art Fair Ltd. / Munich

September 2015 / Blooom Art Fair Cologne / Munique Art Gallery

September 2015 / „The Babylon Show“ / Surfclub Art Gallery / L.A.

September 2015 / „The Coaster Show“ / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

June 2015 / „Zwischenspiel“ / Munique Art Gallery / Munich

May 2015 / Stroke Art Fair / Munich

August 2014 / Group Ex / Surfclub Art Gallery / L.A.