After completing a series of 50 highly detailed realistic oil paintings, the artist has now turned her attention to the study of form.
Through harmonious color compositions and creative combinations of geometric elements and textile patterns, Tanja Hirschfeld creates
oil paintings that tell stories of longing.

In tumultuous times of rapid technological development and politically unstable futures, Hirschfeld consciously responds to the current world situation with clarity and order in her new series. Driven by an inner desire for minimalism and meditative craftsmanship, she creates motifs that are intended to evoke divination cards.

In doing so, she points out that in times of upheaval, society increasingly turns to religions and esotericism to find stability.
The works bear titles such as „Queen of Growth,“ „Woman of Wings,“ and „Ace of Staves.“

For example, we can recognize an Elvis-like figure in a kimono-like robe, casually holding a cigarette in the corner of the mouth,
or a couple titled „Per Sempre“ (Forever), seemingly bound together for eternity by their garments. These are examples of themes
of longing for freedom and security.


The German-Italian artist works intensively with masks and costumes from different cultures. Her research produced countless overlaps of otherwise disconnected elements of traditional clothing.

This led to the creation of a series that joins different world cultures in one human being. The exotic, the unfamiliar and the familiar are merged to evoke affinity and dialogue. Along the lines of „all equal“ – a relevant political and at the same time emotional topic.

It is important that the subject does not represent a flattened image or a parody of cultures but that it has a mystical and detached quality to induce the feeling of unease that we experience when facing the unknown.

Tanja Hirschfeld’s elaborate technique of layered glazes creates powerful oil paintings of feminine figures that embody both, strength and sensuality. She transforms her heroines into majestic creatures through the boldness of their almost armour-like costumes.