„Briscola“, Original Oil Painting, sold


Oil on Canvas.
140×180 cm.

Price on Request.

„Briscola“ is the name of an Italian card game.
With this picture I am thinking about how the current generation of young girls is doing. They are the women of tomorrow and there is so much controversy that they learn to deal with.
I wish them that they find the strength to stand by their femininity, even if they are still often misunderstood as weak.
You can also wear the most feminine, delicate pink princess dress, if you stand by your femininity, you will win. The card says „vincerai“: „You will win“.
The card symbols sword and club remind you that you need strength for this.
The mask is the first Venetian mask (called „Moretta“) that existed. Women wore it to balls and couldn’t speak with it because it was held in their mouths by a button. If a man succeeded in making her interested in him, she removed the mask and he was allowed to hear her voice. On the one hand, the woman should appear seductive and offer herself as „prey“, on the other hand she had the power to decide whether and to whom she wanted to show herself.